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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Cosmetic Dentistry

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If you are new to the Phinney Ridge area or simply looking for a new dentist in Seattle, WA, you probably have a number of questions about the dental services we offer, and what to expect when you come to our office. Some of our most frequently asked questions are listed below. If you do not see your question listed here, contact our dentist office in the 98103 area and we will be happy to help!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Many patients who would like to change their smiles worry about the cost of cosmetic dentistry. While all dentistry requires some level of financial investment in yourself, cosmetic dentistry is longer lasting, more beautiful, and more affordable than ever.Woman Smiling | Cosmetic Dentist Seattle WA

At Phinney Ridge Dental, we offer a wide range of options for cosmetic dentistry in Seattle to meet patient's every budget. 

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry in Seattle, WA

Cosmetic dental bonding – Our teeth have a tough job and sometimes get chipped or damaged due to wear. Cosmetic dental bonding is a great way to repair your teeth and restore their natural beauty. It is a highly conservative treatment requiring the removal of a little healthy tooth structure. Instead, we add to your teeth, filling in areas that are chipped and collecting stains. Bonding material, called composite, comes in many shades to match your natural teeth.

Professional teeth whitening – One of the most affordable ways to achieve a more beautiful and youthful smile is with professional teeth whitening. We offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening options to meet your budget and your goals for your smile. Teeth whitening is especially popular for events such as class reunions, vacations, holidays, and weddings. If you would like to learn how to look great for your special occasion, give us a call!

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Cosmetic dentistry in Seattle, WA is an investment in you! Whether you are looking to make big or small changes to your appearance, a beautiful smile and the confidence that accompanies it is priceless.

We are always happy to discuss your goals for your smile and help you make a plan to fit your dream smile into your budget. Contact our 91803 dentist office today to schedule a consultation regarding cosmetic dentistry. 

Close up of dental crowns at Seattle WA dentist officeDental crowns are one of the most versatile and practical restorations in modern dentistry. Not only do dental crowns in Seattle, WA save weak teeth, but can also conceal a tooth flaw and secure a dental bridge.

A dental crown is a toothlike cap that covers your tooth. Porcelain crowns are colored to match your smile. Let’s look at a few benefits of dental crowns in Seattle.

Trauma or a root infection can render a tooth weak and vulnerable to breakage. A dental crown keeps the tooth viable and returns bite force.

Additionally, dental crowns be used cosmetically to hide tooth flaws such as discoloration, chips, shape issues, and small gaps between teeth.

Dental Crowns in Seattle, WA

If you have missing teeth, dental crowns can be used on teeth adjacent to this unsightly gap to suspend and support a restoration tooth—leaving you with a seamless smile.

Strengthening teeth, cosmetically enhanced teeth, and implants or bridges for missing teeth are all excellent examples of how patients can benefit from dental crowns.

If you have a weak, flawed, or missing tooth, we invite you to schedule an exam with our top Seattle, WA dentist. Additionally, if you have any questions about dental crowns, contact our friendly team today.

Most of us have something we’d like to change about our smile if we could, but maybe we hesitate because it seems like an impractical expense. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Seattle, WA, however, some treatments can actually improve your wellness—both your oral health and your emotional well-being.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry in the 98103 Area  

Woman smiling & pointing at teeth | Cosmetic Dentist Seattle WAWhen teeth are missing, your jawbone shrinks. Dental implants behave like tooth roots, stimulating your jawbone to remain viable. Dental implants also stop your teeth from shifting, which can lead to future wear and further tooth loss.

A dental implant is a small titanium post implanted in your gum. This post bonds with your jawbone over a period of months and becomes the foundation for a natural-looking tooth restoration.   

It’s also important to consider your emotional health. If you feel bad about your smile and are not confident enough to laugh out loud, this impacts your self-esteem.

At Phinney Ridge Dental, we provide beautiful restorative dentistry in Seattle, WA for dental implants, and we offer cosmetic dentistry options to fit most budgets.

These options include:

  • Professional teeth whitening
  • Dental bonding
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Porcelain veneers

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If you’re considering dental implants in Seattle, WA, our top cosmetic dentist is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our Seattle, WA dentist.


Dental crowns in Seattle, WA are perfect for patients who have a chipped, cracked, damaged, or decayed tooth. The dental crown acts like a cap that covers the entire tooth, down to the gum line. It can be created from many different dental materials, including porcelain or metal. 

Dental crowns placed in the back of your mouth are hidden very well and can be hard to see except when you laugh or yawn. 

Dental crowns are durable, reliable, strong, and cost-effective. We fabricate them to look natural and beautiful while blending in with your smile. 

The Process for Dental Crowns in 98103Tool holding up a dental crown in Seattle, WA

Traditional dental crowns only need two visits to your dentist.

  • During your visit, Dr. Micah Bickel will examine your mouth for underlying oral health issues.
  • We will take impressions of your tooth to make a model of your mouth.
  • We will prepare your tooth for the temporary crown.
  • We will place a temporary dental crown while we fabricate your permanent crown.
  • Once the dental crown is ready, we will have you come in for your second visit to cement the new dental crown to your tooth.

The process is straightforward, simple, and pain-free.

Change Your Smile in Just Two Visits to Phinney Ridge Dental

If you are interested in dental crowns in dental crowns Seattle, WA, Phinney Ridge Dental is always available to answer any questions or concerns. Schedule a consultation with our dentist in Seattle, WA to get started! 

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