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What oral surgery options does Phinney Ridge Dental offer?

Your dentist in Seattle, WA offers a wide variety of dental services, including oral surgery. If you need oral surgery, you may be nervous, but don’t be! We offer gentle but thorough treatment toman hiking in green jacket | sedation dentistry seattle wa restore your oral health.

Types of Dental Surgery

Types of dental surgery may include:

  • Tooth extraction
  • Periodontal treatment
  • Dental implant placement

For your comfort and faster recovery, we offer laser dentistry as well. Laser dentistry is far less invasive than the scalpel, which means less bleeding. This method also promotes an easier recovery.

Besides laser dentistry, we rely on image-guided dental implant placement and tooth extraction for best results.

If you’re having oral surgery with us, you can count on gentle anesthesia delivery and a compassionate team to see you through. However, if you’re feeling particularly anxious, you can talk to us about sedation dentistry.

We take a thorough health history for sedation dentistry, including a list of current medications, to make sure you’re a good candidate. If you are, we provide an oral medication that leaves you relaxed and mostly unaware during surgery.

For Oral Surgery in Phinney Ridge, Give Us a Call

Your experienced dentist provides oral surgery to patients throughout the Seattle area and beyond. If you have questions about an upcoming surgery or would like to discuss dental sedation options, get in touch with us today.

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