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What happens at my child’s first dental visit?

Are you looking for a children’s dentist in Seattle, WA?

Your child’s first dental visit is our chance to build trust and friendship with your child. This allows them to have an easier—and even fun experience—in our dental office. Our goal is to always make dentistry a positive experience for every child who comes to us for care. We want to foster their curiosity and help them establish healthy habits from the very start.

What Is a Children’s Dentist?

A children’s dentist can specialize in pediatric dentistry—pediatric dentist—or be a family dentist who treats patients of all ages. In our case, we are a family dental practice and have experience with all age groups, including children.

When a dentist treats across multiple age groups, it means your child can keep their trusted dentist into adulthood! And they can see the same dentist as mom and dad from the very beginning.

Your Child’s First Dental Visitsmall boy with tie smiling l pediatric dentist seattle wa

At this visit, we may give your child a ride in the dental chair, talk to them about their teeth, examine their gums, emerging teeth, and jawbone development.

Following this examination, your child’s dentist will talk to you about any findings. We can also offer advice for the following:

We understand that you’ll play a crucial role in your child’s oral hygiene between dental checkups, and we want you on the team! Between you and our dental staff, we can help your child enjoy a healthy smile from the very first visit.

Dentistry for the Growing Child

As your child ages, we will introduce appropriate treatments and customize their dentistry to meet their changing needs.

Our dental services for children include:

  • Oral health evaluations and recommendations
  • Nutrition counseling if needed
  • X-rays when appropriate
  • Tooth-colored fillings and crowns
  • Fluoride treatments and dental sealants

Professional Teeth Cleanings

When needed, we take x-rays to look beneath the surface to ensure no hidden or emerging oral health issues.

And we rely on tooth-colored restorations when needed so as not to detract from your child’s smile. This includes quality dental crowns and tooth-colored fillings in Seattle, WA.

If your child is prone to tooth decay, your child’s dentist may also recommend a dental sealant to lock harmful bacteria away from the teeth. We may also suggest a fluoride treatment to remineralize enamel and keep teeth strong.

Professional teeth cleanings are of particular importance because they lower your child’s risks for many preventable conditions, including tooth decay.

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Our dental team loves treating children and helping them realize their best smiles from the start, and we are thrilled to accept new children into our dental family. If you want more information or are ready to schedule your child’s first (or next) dental appointment, give us a call today.

We treat children in all locales, including Seattle, Ballard, Fremont, Green Lake, Ravenna, Maple Leaf, Queen Anne, South Lake Union, and your neighborhood.

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