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Can my dentist provide braces like an orthodontist?

A qualified dentist or orthodontist in Seattle, WA, can both provide traditional braces to straighten your teeth. Of course, not every dentist is competent to provide orthodontics, but we are! Our team is happy to provide this service at Phinney Ridge Dental.

First, you come in for a consultation with the dentist. At this initial appointment, we want to ensure that braces are the right option for you. Sometimes, your dentist recommends pretreatments if we uncover issues that may hinder orthodontic success. We’ll also tell you how long you’ll need to wear braces and what to expect following treatment.

If you and the dentist decide to move forward with braces, we place special brackets on the teeth and thread them with guidewires. We can align your teeth slowly and comfortably by periodically adjusting these guidewires in our dental office. Straight teeth improve self-esteem while promoting excellent oral health and effective brushing and flossing.

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If you’re considering traditional braces or have questions about orthodontics, we look forward to hearing from you and scheduling your consultation with the dentist. And remember to ask our friendly team about our current dental specials.

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