Oral Surgery and Extractions in Phinney Ridge

Many dental offices require a referral to a specialist when the need for oral surgery arises. At Phinney Ridge Dental, Dr. Micah Bickel performs most oral surgeries right here in our Seattle, WA dental office. Some of the oral surgery services we offer include dental implant placement and extractions (including wisdom teeth extractions!).

Extractions in Seattle WA | Phinney Ridge DentalDental Implant Placement

Dr. Bickel has extensive experience in the successful placement of dental implants. He has performed over 100 surgeries in the last year alone with outstanding results. He also provides bone grafting and sinus lifts, when necessary, giving a wider range of patients the option to have dental implants.

To learn more about our dental implant services, visit our dental implant page.

Tooth Extractions

Naturally, we are in the business of protecting and saving teeth whenever possible! Sometimes, however, removing a tooth is essential to your oral health and overall wellness. Some common conditions requiring a dental extraction include:

  • Trauma from an accident
  • Deep decay
  • Infection
  • Damage
  • Misalignment
  • Overcrowding
  • Complications with wisdom teeth

If you need an extraction, we offer treatment comfortably and compassionately here in our office. For patients who need a little extra help relaxing for a procedure, we offer sedation dentistry.

Oral Surgery in Seattle WA | Phinney Ridge DentalWisdom Teeth Extractions

Not all wisdom teeth cause a problem for all patients. With a comprehensive evaluation in our dental office, we can make a recommendation about whether it is best to extract your wisdom teeth or keep them. 

Because there is often not enough room to grow, wisdom teeth can cause pain or misalignment as they begin to erupt. In cases where wisdom teeth constantly cause discomfort or cannot erupt properly, we may recommend an extraction.

If you decide to keep them, wisdom teeth are more likely to acquire decay because they are so hard to reach when cleaning your teeth. Located at the back of your mouth, your wisdom teeth need additional attention during home care to stay healthy.

Oral Surgery Aftercare

Whether you require a simple or surgical extraction, we will schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your healing, remove any stitches, and discuss tooth replacement options when necessary.

Dr. Bickel will discuss how to keep your surgical site clean and what behaviors, such as smoking and drinking through a straw, to avoid while you are healing.

If you need to replace your missing tooth, either for function or aesthetics, we offer a wide variety of treatment options including partial dentures, fixed dental bridges, and dental implants.

Are You Experiencing Tooth Pain?

Contact us right away! Tooth pain is a sign that something is wrong and requires your immediate attention. We are here to help! Contact Phinney Ridge Dental today and take the first step toward a beautiful, comfortable, and healthy smile.