Dental Cleanings and Periodontal Treatment in Seattle

Good home care is essential to the health and beauty of your smile! Even if you brush and floss exactly as instructed and never miss a day, it is impossible for you to remove all the tartar that collects on your teeth. Dental cleanings are essential to the health of your teeth and gums – even dentists need dental cleanings!

Smiling family | Phinney Ridge DentalGentle Dental Cleanings

We believe that all dentistry can be a pain-free experience! Dental cleanings are no different. Our highly skilled hygiene team uses precision instruments and years of experience to provide gentle, yet thorough, dental cleanings that leave you with a smooth, fresh smile!

Personalized Care

Every patient is different, and your oral health may change throughout your lifetime. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, certain medications, and conditions such as diabetes can all affect your oral health.

Because we treat each patient in our practice the way we would treat our own families, we approach dental cleanings in a very individualized way. We evaluate your current level of periodontal health, update your medical history, and provide you with the type of dental cleaning that will benefit you most.

The Prophy – A Routine Dental Cleaning

If you have good home care habits and maintain regular dental visits, you will usually just need a "prophy." A prophy is a dental cleaning that includes removing any tartar from the surfaces of your teeth and polishing them to a smooth sparkle! 

Smiling Children | Phinney Ridge DentalWe will always discuss any changes we see to your teeth or gum tissue. Often the hygiene chair is the first place where conditions such as gum disease, gum recession, and bleeding are noticed. We will discuss ways to reach and maintain optimum periodontal health through effective home care and dental cleanings.

Mid-Level Dental Cleaning

If you have missed a few dental cleanings, you probably have some catching up to do. Tartar builds up quickly on teeth, and removing it may require some catch-up cleaning. We will remove all tartar from your teeth above and below your gum line, making sure to pay attention to any changes to your tissue.

Once we clean your teeth, we will also polish them and discuss a hygiene re-care plan to help you stay on track with good oral health.

Periodontal Treatment

If you experience bleeding, pain, tooth mobility, pocketing, or gum recession, you may suffer from gum disease and require a specialized dental cleaning designed to remove any signs of infection from your gum tissue in order to promote healing.

Periodontal dental cleanings remove tartar and bacteria from above and below your gum line and may require the application of a local antibiotic to promote healing.

Dr. Bickel will make specific follow-up care recommendations to ensure that the infection heals properly and does not return. We will also make any product recommendations that will help restore good oral health.

Is It Time for Your Next Dental Cleaning?

Contact Phinney Ridge Dental today to schedule your next professional dental cleaning. Our Seattle dental team looks forward to helping you achieve good oral health for a lifetime.