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How Orthodontics Dramatically Improves Your Smile and More

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At Phinney Ridge Dental, we provide excellent orthodontic work for our patients throughout the Seattle and Ballard, WA area.

Great orthodontic work not only improves your smile, but it corrects your bite. When your bite is off, this can lead to chewing abnormalities, speaking issues, and jaw pain.

Additionally, when teeth overlap or are not straight, brushing and flossing are compromised. It’s simply impossible to clean between teeth that are tightly overlapped.

What to Expect

At Phinney Ridge Dental, our dentist assesses your oral health and the alignment of your teeth. Following your assessment, our dentist will recommend the best orthodontics to complement your unique smile.

Often, our dentist recommends clear aligners, clear braces, ...

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3 Questions You Should Ask at Your Orthodontic Evaluation

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Searching for an orthodontist in Phinney Ridge presents your family with a number of options, and finding the one that will work best for you can have an impact on your outcome and your overall experience.

Rather than jumping in feet first into orthodontics, be sure to go armed with some questions to make sure that your results are the best possible. Your orthodontist will be able to address any concerns you have.

Will Orthodontics Give Me Improved Oral Health?

Changing the alignment of your teeth is about more than just having a stunning smile, though it is probably our patients’ favorite part of having braces or aligners. If you have TMJ ...

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